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The Beatles rocked Waynedale! January 27, 2010

Posted by Steve in GameChamps.

Our first-ever Beatles Rock Band tournament was last Saturday, January 23rd.

As players took turns they chose one of the following categories: drums, bass, guitar, vocal solos and vocal harmonies.

How did we score it? Players recieved a “base number”, which was the percentage of correct notes in the song, plus bonuses for playing at higher difficulties. Above “easy” were medium, hard and expert. Each additional level was worth an additional ten points. We played songs for nearly two hours and the top scorers for the morning won their categories.

The winners were: Bass, Vocal Solos and Drums- Nathan Seelye;Guitar: Mayson Logan; Vocal Harmonies: Carissa and Christy Seelye. There was a bonus category of “Beatlemania”, which was awarded to Seth Johnson. He “saved” other bandmates more often than anyone else during the competition.

If a person competed in at least four categories, they were eligible for the Best Band Overall competition, a totaling of a person’s best four scores. In first place was Christy Seelye, second was Nathan Seelye and third was Bradley Warren.

Great job, everybody! The playing was actually pretty good!

Sometimes, it wasn’t “expert”, but we were having fun! Who says guys don’t like to sing in public? You can hear it here (the video is a little dark…):



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