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March Madness sees the standings get tighter March 6, 2010

Posted by Steve in GameChamps.

The GameChamps leaderboard after 16 events is closer now than any time since about event 4. Heading into double points board games like RISK, Scrabble/Boggle and Star Wars RISK we can see that all it takes is a couple key victories to create a new series leader. This is the first year of the five so far that two defending champs are competing down the stretch: Joey Brown and Kyle Franklin.

Anyone in the top five could easily win it this year. And anyone in the top ten or so, could “win, place or show” in the top contenders. Good luck everybody! Here are the standings after 16 events:

Name Points Earned
Brown, Joey 1975
Warren, Bradley 1625
Franklin, Kyle 1575
Reina, Jose 1450
Seelye, Connie 1400
Martin, Christian 1250
Franklin, Jacob 1200
Johnson, Seth 1150
Seelye, Christy 925
Seelye, Nathan 800
Wilson, Andrew 600
McCormick, Joe 525
Smith, A.J. 500
Maldonado, Cesar 450
Logan, Mayson 350
Seelye, Carissa 350
M., Jessica 300
Stone, Devon 250
Bullock, Seth 225
Catalan, Lorenzo 200
Causey, Maurice 200
Jenkins, Keonte 200
Lewis, Randy 200
Reed, Ty 200
Shimer, Bailey 200
B., Keyla 150
Cather, Clay 150
G., Alicia 150
Green, Jerimey 150
Mandujano, Austin 150
T., Tiffany 150
Croy, Christian 125
Lewis, Jon 125
Art, Zach 100
Bowman, Jaden 100
Sesler, Eli 100
Wagers, Brandon 100
Worpell, Rebecca 100


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